Fightingfor a child

A common e-mail we get goes something like this:

I need your help.  My ex-girlfriend won’t let me see our child any more because she doesn’t like my fiance.  How can I get rights to my child?

Who you are dating or hanging out with is irrelevant unless it can lead to your child being harmed.  Even in that case, your ex or anyone else is not a Judge and does not have a right to decide when you can and can’t see your child.

In fact, without a court order your ex has no more right to primary custody of the child than you do.

So if you are faced with this situation, the solution is simple.  You just need to get in to court and ask an Illinois family law Judge to decide when you get to see your child.  Once you get a court order it should set a schedule of when the child is to be with you.  During those times you are free to hang out with whomever you want.

If your ex doesn’t follow the court order or interferes, under Illinois law you can call the police and they should enforce the Judge’s decision.

For some reason many people allow another to act as the decision maker.  Follow the law and you can end that cycle of madness.

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