You can’t beat the breathalyzer test if you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.

You’ve probably heard at least one “tip” on how to beat a breathalyzer test if you’re pulled over for a DUI. We’ve heard many, but we wouldn’t recommend relying on any of them. The only certain way to avoid a DUI is to not drink and drive.

For example, many people think that if you chew gum or rinse with mouthwash, the breathalyzer device won’t be able to detect alcohol. This just isn’t true. Disguising the smell may prevent a police officer from smelling alcohol on your breath, but it won’t fool the test. In fact, some mouthwashes and other breath fresheners actually contain some alcohol, so it might make things worse.

Another common myth is that you can lower your alcohol content score by putting a penny in your mouth. Again, not true. The idea behind this myth is that the copper in pennies somehow decreases the amount of alcohol the device can detect. This is just an urban legend. Besides, pennies are made of zinc these days, not copper.

Some people get the idea that they can just pretend to blow into the breathalyzer device, therefore preventing it from registering any alcohol. The people who make the devices thought of that, too. If you don’t blow enough breath into the breathalyzer, it alerts the officer and you will have to do it again.

A final myth worth mentioning: If you drink Zima, you’re in the clear. Just like any other type of alcohol, if you drink Zima, it will register on a breath test.  Do they even make Zima anymore?

Again, the only way to make sure you don’t get a DUI is to avoid drinking and driving. If you have too much to drink and get behind the wheel, no amount of mouthwash or copper will help you beat the test. And if you decide to try out one of these myths, such as not really blowing into the device, it can be interpreted as a refusal to submit to the test, and you could face additional penalties.

Finally, you don’t have to take a breathalyzer and any Illinois DUI attorney we know would tell you that if asked you should politely decline.

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