Times are tough economically for just about everyone.  But you know what happens this time of year?  People get their tax returns and while they used to take that money to buy a big screen TV or take a vacation, it’s been amazing to me how many people have been waiting for that refund to get a divorce.

Whether it’s amicable or not, a divorce costs a decent amount of money.  Most family law attorneys we know in the Chicago-land area won’t start a case for less than $2,500 up front.  Heck, most counties charge at least $300 as a filing fee for the privilege of going through this process.

In January we heard from countless people whose New Years resolution was to get out of a crappy marriage.  Now that they have the money to do it, many people are making it happen.  It will be interesting to see if any statistics are published for the number of divorce filings in March and April.  But I’ll bet you that it’s through the roof, especially compared to other months and past years.

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