Neither did we because it hasn’t happened.

They say that an attorney who tries to represent themselves has a fool for a client.  At least the attorney should have some basic knowledge of how the legal system works.  If you are a non-attorney and try to go at it alone you are asking for trouble.

We were reminded of this fact the other day when we read about a guy that insisted on representing himself on a murder charge.  He probably had a lot of “great” ideas in his head about taking on the system or thought the Public Defender was against him.  I’m guessing that he would have been guilty even if he had an attorney, but not having one certainly sealed the deal.

We see a lot of people that think some attorneys are on the take and assume that is why that can’t find an attorney.  Believe us when we tell you that is not the reason.  If you were hurt in a car accident and went to five firms that turned the case down, there is something wrong with your case.

Sometimes people have to represent themselves because they can’t afford it or no one will help them.  If that is your only option we encourage you to seek any help that you can find because we have seen countless people screw up their case by filing the wrong motion or not following certain rules.  But if you have the ability to hire an attorney you should do so as not having one greatly increases your chances of a bad result to the case.  Judges are supposed to hold non-attorneys that appear before them to the same standards as lawyers so the Judge won’t give you any breaks.  It’s not impossible to win on your own, but it’s also not probable.

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