We are Illinois attorneys that don’t want to represent you.  Instead we want to find you the best law firm for your unique case.  No lawyer is right for every situation.  You need to find the best one for you.

Even when you know what type of lawyer to look for, it can be hard to figure out which one to hire.  So many attorneys are full of it.  That doesn’t make them bad lawyers, but it means that they aren’t always truthful.

Case in point, a woman called us recently who had torn her rotator cuff on the job.  She called a local lawyer and when she told him what her injury was, he told her that she was in luck, he’s known as the top rotator cuff injury attorney in the area.

This is like the restaurants that claim they have the #1 pizza in Chicago or some other un-verifiable claim.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  You can’t just give yourself and award that you made up and claim yourself as the best.

Fortunately the caller to my office had enough sense to view this attorney as a used car salesman and was able to find someone more reputable through us.  But that sleazy shtick works because these attorneys keep on feeding people this line of b.s.

When you go to an attorney, you are in charge of whether or not you hire them if they want to take your case on.  You come with facts about your case for them to learn, but you also need to bring common sense with you.  If they are too slick, too young or just too confident in themselves, keep looking elsewhere.  A lawyer with experience is a great thing to have.  A lawyer that makes up their success is a sign of the wrong attorney for you.

Written by Michael Helfand