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Honestly, we don’t really know, because it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is whether your attorney is able to help you meet your goals.

We aren’t saying that winning never matters. The point is that winning means something different for every client. A good example is a criminal case. There is a range of possible outcomes. Maybe getting probation is considered a win for someone who is facing years in prison. For someone else, however, probation might not be considered a win. It’s all relative.

Every case is different. And you need different lawyers for different cases. Within the area of personal injury, you would need a different attorney for a botched surgery than you would for a car accident. Sometimes you need an attorney who is prepared to handle a rare catastrophic injury case; other times you need an attorney who can quickly and effectively handle a routine accident.

We evaluate and recommend lawyers based on many different factors, including client satisfaction, which doesn’t necessarily translate into a win-loss record. If you call us looking for a win-loss record on a particular attorney, we’ll take the time to explain why you can’t just rely on that number alone (if it’s even possible to determine what that number is).

Instead, we recommend attorneys based on their experience with your particular type of case, how well they communicate with clients, how highly they are regarded among other lawyers and among judges, whether they are local, whether they have enough resources to handle your case, and whether we think it will be a good fit all around. If you’re looking for an opinion on an Illinois attorney, give us a call.

Written by Michael Helfand