The class action lawsuits against General Motors after the faulty ignition switch issue are growing, as GM adds even more vehicles to the list. This is quickly becoming one of the largest cases ever. We are looking for plaintiffs who own any of the following GM models. These are the latest models to be added to the recall:

Buick Lacrosse (2005-2009)

Chevrolet Impala (2006-2014)

Cadillac Deville (2000-2005)

Cadillac DTS (2007-2011)

Buick Lucerne (2006-2011)

Buick Regal LS & GS (2004-2005)

Chevrolet Monte Carlo (2006-2008)

Chevrolet Camaro (2010-2014)

A few months ago, GM announced that more than a million vehicles were being recalled because of a malfunctioning ignition switch. The error had already led to many accidents and GM acknowledged 12 fatalities, as well. The most alarming aspect of the case was that GM knew about the faulty ignition years before it finally came forward.

The story may not be at the top of the news anymore, but it’s far from over. Any owner of a vehicle on the list – not just those injured in an accident – may be able to seek compensation. Damages can include the decreased value of your vehicle.

Class action lawsuits work best in this type of case because many consumers can join together against a large corporation. It’s a lawsuit they wouldn’t have as good of a chance of winning on their own, and it definitely gets the attention of the defendant in a way an individual would not.

These cases often end in settlement, with each member of the class sharing in the final amount paid by the defendant. If you own one of the models listed above, or if you have questions about what a class action involves or what would be required to get involved, give us a call.

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