When people call us for a referral and say they want the “best” attorney in Chicago (or any other area of the state), we tell them that we agree with their high standards but we have an even better approach.

In our experience, there isn’t a “best” attorney out there. There are thousands of attorneys in Chicago, and even more if you look statewide. And each one has unique experience, resources, reputation, connections, personality and skill. What you need to do is take all of this into consideration, along with your unique set of circumstances and your goals, and find the best attorney for you. It might be different from what’s best for the next guy.

We believe in this approach, as we’ve seen it work time and time again. For example, consider the type of case you have. You want an attorney who not only practices in that area, but who has done so for a long time. You also want someone who focuses on just that area of law. We think this makes them better equipped to be successful in your case.

Speaking of success, past success matters, too. You want an attorney who has won cases like yours many times before. Even if they aren’t the biggest law firm out there, if they are really good at a niche area, they’re probably your best bet. Location matters, too. If your attorney is going to be appearing in court on your case, it can help if they are a familiar face around the courthouse. If they have a good reputation, a solid working relationship with the judge and other attorneys, it can give you an advantage.

Resources are important if you have an expensive case. If it’s a big injury case, your lawyer should pay all expenses up front, which can cost them tens of thousands of dollars. You need a firm that doesn’t flinch at this. You don’t want your lawyer making decisions on how to handle your case based on whether they can afford it. You also don’t want them to be afraid of the costs of trial if that’s the best way to go to protect your interests and get you what you want.

Also, think about the more subjective stuff. If you are looking for someone with a certain type of personality, communication style or reputation, keep that in mind. A good match isn’t just about getting the outcome you want. It’s also about trusting your attorney and having a good relationship with them throughout your case.

That’s our approach. If you have questions, let us know.