legal mal

We are happy to investigate possible legal malpractice lawsuits. It would be hypocritical not to as we are willing to sue doctors and other professionals when they screw up.

What I’ve found interesting over the years about the valid cases we’ve pursued (and by valid, I mean a lawsuit was filed) is that the attorneys who are getting sued have a lot in common.

The biggest similarity is that they tend to be in firms that want to handle every case that comes through the door. So if you want a divorce, got a DUI or were in a car accident, they want to be your firm. It’s like a doctor that wants to deliver babies and treat cancer, except you don’t see many of those.

Too many lawyers in Illinois want to handle personal injury cases even though they have very little experience with it. There is a misconception that it’s easy money which simply isn’t true. Insurance companies don’t just give money away and if they think you or your lawyer doesn’t know what they are doing they will really play hard ball. This can lead to delays and as we’ve seen, violations of the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.

The best lawyers know what they don’t know. By that, I mean that they know what cases they do a good job with and are smart enough to tell a client no when they are asked to handle something that they have no experience with.

I remember meeting an experienced lawyer when I first started practicing. He bragged that he got his experience in entertainment law because he was desperate for money and a potential client knocked on the door saying he needed help with a contract. The lawyer lied and said that was his specialty and then went on to do research to try and figure out how to handle the case. It made me ill because this guy basically admitted that he put the best interests of his client behind his own needs.

Things worked out for that lawyer and he went on to a prestigious career. But that doesn’t make what he did right.

For you as a client, you should want a firm that has a narrow practice focus and real experience in handling and winning cases that are like yours. That doesn’t guarantee a result for you, but sure does increase your chances of success.

It’s much easier to find that right firm today with the internet. And of course, that’s why we exist; to help you find the right firm for your case.

So beware the jack of all trades or know it all attorney. It’s not that they can’t help you, it’s that they often aren’t the best ones to do so.