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Not all referral services are the same. Actually, scratch that. Most of them are the same, but ours is very different. With us, you will get an attorney recommendation based on the particular facts of your case, not just the general area of law you’re dealing with. Our recommendation is also based on the experience, reputation and success of the attorney we are recommending. Our goal is to find you the right attorney, not just any attorney.

If you call a bar association or other referral source, you are most likely going to get a name off a list from someone who may not even know the attorney or their qualifications. It’s a list that attorneys pay to be on, and when you call, you simply get the next name on the list. That’s it. The fact that they are on the list is in no way a statement of their experience or past success. It doesn’t mean they are respected in the legal community or that they have handled a case similar to yours in the past. In our opinion, you might as well pick a name from the phone book.

The attorneys we recommend do not pay us to recommend them. We choose them, and we do so based on the qualities described above. And we will talk to you about your legal issue first. A lot of people wonder if they even need an attorney. Some don’t know what type of attorney they should hire. We are attorneys, and we will answer your questions. We try to be straightforward and upfront about what you need and what you can expect.

No two cases are alike. And some are very unique. If you don’t take that into consideration when looking for an attorney, you’re not giving yourself the best chance at success. If you need a criminal defense attorney, it matters what type of charges you are facing. Sometimes your attorney’s location matters. Sometimes you need an attorney who has a good rapport with the judge or a firm that has extensive resources. And sometimes you just need someone with a particular type of personality that you can work with. All of the details matter.

We don’t charge people to use our service. It’s completely free to call and talk to us, and if you need a referral, that’s free too. You can contact us online or by calling us at 312-346-5320 or 800-517-1614.