While most criminal charges in Illinois are filed in state courts, some crimes are prosecuted in federal courts, including white-collar crimes, some drug cases, and violations of federal law. Although the basics are the same, federal court operates a bit differently, with unique rules for motions, hearings, and timelines.

In order to be successful in defending federal charges, we believe you need someone who has years of experience and understands how to evaluate and defend federal criminal cases. In other words, just because a lawyer is great at defending cases in Illinois state criminal courts does not mean they are the right lawyer to defend a federal criminal charge in one of the Illinois federal crime districts.

We are a lawyer referral service dedicated to helping people find a lawyer who is a great fit. Federal charges can be serious and we know that you want a referral you can count on. When you give us a call, we will talk to you about your situation and recommend the Illinois lawyer who we believe can best handle your defense.

When recommending an attorney, we consider their background, reputation, experience, advocacy skills, personality, customer service, and anything else that is important to you. We know some of the most experienced and successful attorneys and law firms in Illinois with practices focused on federal criminal defense work. While we cannot guarantee a certain result, we can ensure that your case is evaluated and handled by an incredibly qualified attorney.

Federal experience isn’t the only characteristic we look for when recommending an attorney. Here are some other qualifications we think are important:

  • They have at least ten years of experience representing federal criminal defendants.
  • They have represented at least 100 clients in federal criminal matters.
  • They are usually former federal prosecutors, federal public defenders or have been doing federal criminal defense for so long that they have established relationships with current prosecutors and judges.
  • They have extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the federal court system.
  • They have a strong reputation in the legal community for federal criminal defense work.
  • They have demonstrated success measured in results on previous cases.
  • They keep their clients informed of all important developments, plea offers, and evidentiary discoveries in the case.
  • They treat their clients with respect and promptly return all phone calls and e-mails.

There is no such thing as the “best” federal criminal defense attorney. Instead, we try to help you locate the best federal criminal defense attorney for your unique case. If you have any questions about federal criminal laws or would like a referral to an experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Illinois, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our service is always free.