We talk mostly on our site about Illinois laws and the types of attorneys who recommend.  There are approximately 70,000 active attorneys in Illinois and the ones we recommend are who we think are the best around for your unique situations.  There are plenty of good ones that we don’t recommend as well as we can’t of course know everyone.

However, there are some Illinois lawyers that, even though they may be financially successful, do not conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well upon Illinois lawyers and the legal field in general. Some examples include:

  • Lawyers who prey upon the fears of their clients.
    Seeking legal advice can sometimes be a stressful and intimidating experience. It doesn’t have to be. A good lawyer is a good listener and a good counselor. A good lawyer will not seek out a client to convince them to file a lawsuit that will ultimately only benefit the lawyer. A lawyer who exploits a client’s fears in order to gain money, notoriety, revenge is not a good lawyer.
  • Lawyers who talk down to their clients and fail to answer their clients’ questions.
    If you have a question, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask it and the response should always be respectful and in plain English.
  • Lawyers who don’t return phone calls (either to their clients or opponents).
    Your lawyer should never be too busy to return your phone call. After all, you are the customer. Furthermore, if your lawyer fails to respond to opponents in your case, he puts you and your case in jeopardy. What if the opponent wants to settle? What if the opponent has another offer? What if the opponent has an alternative resolution? A good lawyer returns all phone calls.
  • Lawyers who proclaim to be an expert in all areas of Illinois law.
    If someone claims to be an expert in all areas of Illinois law, walk away. You want a lawyer who specializes in one or two areas of the law and is an expert in those areas. We often say you wouldn’t go to a foot doctor for heart surgery. Similarly, you don’t want a real estate lawyer or, worse, a jack of all trades, representing you in your personal injury case.
  • Lawyers who have their support staff contact the client on important issues rather than call the client themselves.
    It is okay to hear from a lawyer’s paralegals or secretaries from time to time on scheduling matters or organizational logistics. However, on crucial issues, you should be speaking directly with your attorney. You hired the attorney, not his support staff.
  • Lawyers who don’t make it clear to their clients what options are available to them.
    Your lawyer should not be telling you what to do. Rather, your lawyer should explain the options available in your case and make recommendations. Ultimately, you decide on the course of action. If your attorney does not clearly present all of the options available to you, not only is he not doing his job, he is putting you at a major disadvantage.
  • Lawyers who don’t communicate all important developments.
    Your lawyer should keep you abreast of all major developments in your case. You should never be left in the dark. It bears repeating that you are the customer.

Again, these are not the kind of lawyers we will recommend to you. Our goal is to find you an attorney who is the right fit for you and your needs. The only way we can do that is by recommending attorneys who we would also recommend to our own friends and family. No matter your location or questions, if you need any additional guidance call us at (312) 346-5320 or (800) 517-1614 or fill out our contact us form and we will contact you.