If you have suffered a work injury in Illinois, it might seem ideal to look for the best workers’ compensation lawyer in the state. So how do you go about doing that? The good news is that you don’t need to worry about finding the single “best” attorney because, quite honestly, we don’t believe there is one. The reality is that the lawyer who would be a great fit for you might not be the best choice for the next person. The definition of the “best” workers’ compensation lawyer is very individual.

The main reason people come to us is to help them figure out which lawyer best fits their case. We consider your entire situation, as well as the qualifications of our attorneys, when giving you a referral. If we wouldn’t recommend them to a family member, we won’t recommend them to you.

For a work injury, we believe you need an attorney who focuses their practice on workers’ compensation and handles these claims day in and day out. Sometimes, we recommend focusing the search even more to find someone experienced in your specific type of injury. For example, there are certain attorneys who have had a great deal of success with unique injuries like complex regional pain syndrome (RSD). This doesn’t mean that other attorneys couldn’t get you a good result, but we believe you have a better chance of success with a lawyer who truly understands your injury.

Attorneys develop a reputation based on how they handle their cases. You want a lawyer who only takes legitimate cases, communicates well with clients, stays up to date on changes in the law and only settles cases when it’s in the client’s best interest. An attorney’s reputation also comes from how they interact with other attorneys and the arbitrators (who decide disputes in Illinois workers’ compensation claims). We feel that it is very important that you hire an attorney who regularly appears before the arbitrator assigned to your claim and has a good relationship with them. We have seen lawyers win a case because they knew the arbitrator.

Similarly, if you have a significant injury that will require a career change or prevent you from working ever again, there are certain attorneys we would recommend. Many attorneys could handle your case, but a law firm that has demonstrated success with these cases gives you the best chance for the greatest result. Hiring a law firm that doesn’t know how to value these cases, or isn’t equipped to do what it takes, could mean losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our goal is to get you the answers you need and treat you like a family member or friend. If you have any questions about Illinois workers’ compensation law, or if you would like a referral to an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us. All calls and e-mails are 100% confidential.