You’ve all seen the ads.  Especially on those days when for whatever reason you aren’t at work, but are instead watching Jerry Springer or Judge Judy in the middle of the day.  The creepy, slimy attorneys who say things like “We don’t get paid until you do!” or “I’m a warrior” or “We did it for them” along with pictures/video of clients on crutches, in wheel chairs or with bandages around their heads.

They are essentially a Better Call Saul episode that has come to life.  It’s gross and helps give attorneys a bad name.

Every year I get called by cable companies asking me if I would run a TV ad.  Every year my response is the same. Yes if the price is right AND if you can develop a non-cheesy, not disgusting ad for my law firm.  I’ve never been pitched anything that I’d be proud to put my name on. Granted, our practice is unique in that we provide legal guidance and lawyer referrals, so it’s not as if they can take a cookie cutter approach with us and re-do an ad that worked well for someone else.

I have looked at a bunch of lawyer commercials myself because I’m intrigued as to whether it’s even possible to create a good lawyer commercial.  I’m creative, but not that creative, so it won’t be me that can put something together.

So we are holding a contest.  If you can create a great lawyer commercial for, we’ll pay you $5,000.00 if we use your commercial or concept.  No hidden agenda or strings attached.  We have traditionally done all of our ads on the internet, but wanted to see if there was a good way to promote our service on TV.

Looking for guidance.  30 seconds tops.  Not something that would run on day time crap TV.  Our motto is that we treat callers like family members or friends while at the same time giving direct, plain English advice because that’s how we would want to be treated.

If you think you have a concept for us, fill out our contact form and let’s go from there.  We will accept submissions between now and May 1st.