You wouldn’t wish sexual abuse on your worst enemy. It can destroy a life and really multiple lives because it can cause major intimacy issues.

In cases where you are fondled without consent, it takes an extra brave person to come forward because that usually means there is no DNA evidence. So it becomes a she-said/he-said situation which is hard to get an arrest on and also hard to win a civil suit.

That said, when one person comes forward it gives others the courage to come forward too. We saw this in action after we were contacted by a woman who was fondled by her Will County doctor. We referred her to a top attorney in Chicago for molestation and sexual abuse lawsuits. And it was certainly courage because this doctor was/is very popular in his community and had lots of supporters even when more damning facts became known. It was in a way similar to the people who continued to stand behind Bill Cosby even when woman after woman came forward against him.

When she came forward and the case got some publicity, that gave four other women the courage to also come forward. As a result the doctor was arrested, pleaded guilty and had his license to practice medicine taken away.

The best thing that a lawsuit can do is to prevent a bad thing from happening again. That is what this lawsuit did. It inspired others and got justice. The women did get a settlement, but it wasn’t anything life altering. The most amazing part of this case was that the doctor is no longer able to prey on other women who are his patients.

So while I certainly understand that it’s not easy to come forward in these situations, please know that if you do, you won’t be able to undo the harm that was done to yourself, but you may be able to save others. While that alone doesn’t make you feel better, we have found that it goes a long way to helping you move on with your life and feel a sense of closure. That is a result that no monetary amount can provide. If you’d like to have a confidential call with one of our attorneys, call us at (312) 345-5320 or you can fill out our online form.