I always tell people the truth in a direct manner when they ask me if they have a case. That’s true even when I tell them that I don’t think they have a case. It’s not usually what someone wants to hear, but it’s the best way to run a business. I guarantee honest advice, and if I hem and haw or act all wishy washy then I’m not helping anyone.

A recent caller begged me to take her medical malpractice lawsuit. I of course would be thrilled if she had a good case because those cases, while rarely successful, can be worth a lot of money. In this case though, she got an infection after a C-section which is unfortunately a risk of having almost any surgery. It’s not a case I feel comfortable that I could win.

I told her why I, or any attorney I know, wouldn’t likely win this case and made very clear that there is nothing more that we could do. The next five minutes were her asking, “But what about this,” and “What about that?” and essentially trying to talk me into being her lawyer. It didn’t change a thing.

When you hire a lawyer it’s kind of like getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend. While you can be interested in someone, if they aren’t interested back then things won’t work out for you in the long run. And you certainly don’t want to beg.

I’ve run this law firm for over 15 years and talked to over 300,000 people. I can’t count how many times I’ve talked to someone who hired a lawyer who just hates practicing law so they become very disinterested in the case. You wouldn’t want that in a significant other and you shouldn’t want it in a lawyer.

The most important quality an attorney can have is experience with your type of case. A close second is a passion for getting you the best result possible. If they don’t care about you and aren’t going to fight for you then your chances of success greatly decrease.

We started our service to help you find the right attorney for your case because people deserve to have someone with passion in their corner. There are many bad lawyers out there, but many more good ones. We only recommend law firms that we would suggest to family members or friends. So while we can’t promise you a result, we can tell you that our recommendations will be better than any blind date you’ve ever been on.

If you would like our help in finding a lawyer, call us for a free consultation at (312) 346-5320 or complete our contact form. We are experienced attorneys who will speak with you for free and do whatever we can to help you.