Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) can occur when the blood vessels and nerves between your collarbone and your first rib become pinched or compressed. This set of nerves specifically is responsible for upper body movement and muscle control. It is a very serious injury and requires both a doctor who knows how to treat the disease and if it’s part of a legal matter, a lawyer who has experience with such a serious and somewhat unique injury.

These nerves and blood vessels can be injured by various physical traumas, car accidents, even some on the job injuries like repetitive motions, lifting and reaching overhead. TOS can also occur from doing computer work, sitting at a sedentary position, and from working a typical desk job. TOS affects people of all ages and gender. There are also some studies that show being mildly overweight can also affect the aggravation of TOS.

Some symptoms of TOS are:
• Pain in your neck, shoulder arm or hand
• Numbness in for arm and fingers
• Weakness in your hand
• You may also have a hard time lifting objects above your head and have a limited range of motion.

Treatments can range from pain management to physical therapy. The worst possible treatment could also include surgery. This surgery is very complicated as it could include removing a rib or a few sections of ribs to reroute blood vessels. Most symptoms of TOS will greatly be reduced with simple medication and physical therapy if treated early. Because TOS is a progressive syndrome, it may begin with a small irritating pain once in a while, but can quickly escalate to unbearable pain.

If TOS was caused at work, or aggravated because of your job, you may have a claim for workers compensation. All medical costs, and payments while you are out of work recovering might be available depending on your case. If it’s also common for people to get TOS from car accidents.

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