It has been an interesting year for unveiling the effects of long-standing, common household products. First, it was Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, now it is Roundup week killer. Roundup has been found to be a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Evidence linking Roundup to such cancers as myeloma, leukemia, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has shown up in studies worldwide.

According to one lawsuit filed in California:
“Those most at risk are farm workers and other individuals with workplace
exposure to Roundup, such as workers in garden centers, nurseries, and landscapers.
Monsanto assured the public that Roundup was harmless. In order to prove this,
Monsanto championed falsified data and attacked legitimate studies exposing
glyphosate’s dangers. Monsanto orchestrated a prolonged campaign of misinformation
to convince government agencies, farmers, and the general population that Roundup
was safe. As a result of this deception, agricultural workers and farmers have been
exposed to a carcinogen, while Monsanto has made billions.”

As of August 2016, the maker of Roundup, Monsanto, has asked federal judges to centralize the 21 lawsuits filed in 14 district courts. They are asking all of the lawsuits be moved to the Southern District of Illinois. The attorney also states in the brief that has, “over two hundred additional plaintiffs under contract or investigation who allege similar allegations.”

Monsanto, has spent over 35 years marketing Roundup as safe for people and pests. However, exposure to the chemical glyphosate has already been proven to cause cancer in other mammals. Until recently, the studies were not sufficient to show a link between humans and the chemical. Now that the research is available, people are lining up to file their complaints against Monsanto in an effort to hold them accountable for their false advertising and in the hopes of recovering medical damages after a loved one has died.

Those most susceptible to exposure include landscapers, farmers, avid gardeners and anyone who lives where Roundup is heavily used. If you think you have been exposed to this cancer-causing chemical, contact us to be connected with a qualified attorney in your area to determine if you have cause to bring forth legal action.

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