We’ve all heard the expression, “like a pressure cooker ready to explode.” But what happens when a pressure cooker actually explodes and injures the person just trying to cook or jar their foods?
Pressure cookers have been used for decades in the kitchen for various meals. Personally, my mom used her pressure cooker all summer long. She would prepare strawberry rhubarb jam, rhubarb based butter, apple and pear sauce and of course any of the vegetables from the garden and can them in mason jars in the pressure cooker. I know other people whose favorite recipe for black and pinto beans include only using a pressure cooker.

However, not everyone has a fond memory of a pressure cooker. One woman had severe burns covering her chest and arms after a pressure cooker exploded in her kitchen. A simple malfunction, the cooker’s lid came off before the pressure was released. When the lid flew off it was a virtual explosion of scalding hot soup, hot enough to leave her skin burnt and blistered. She was in the hospital for over a week while doctors tended to her wounds.

One pressure cooker manufacturer, Tristar, has been hit with lawsuits over what customers are calling defective products. Their product allegedly explodes without warning. Two cases have already been settled, and at least one more has been filed. Consumer reports have raised serious safety concerns about other pressure cookers, including models manufactured by Fagor America, Tabletops Unlimited and Maxi-Matic.

What’s crazy is that in many of the injuries, the explosions have happened when directions on the box are properly followed or even after the product is done cooking the food and has been unplugged.  You wouldn’t think a machine just sitting there could cause harm, but it can.

The issue in these cases is often that the safety mechanisms designed to stop explosions have failed.  The beauty of these products is that they can cook meals in a fraction of the time.  They are supposed to be safe, but when they are defective it can cause a major injury. If you were injured when your pressure cooker exploded, contact us after seeking medical attention. We will put you in contact with an attorney in your area who has experience with these cases.

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