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We have vast knowledge and experience in helping those who may have had issues that threaten their professional licenses. Doctors, nurses, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others  all have been helped even in this specialized small area of the law. T

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR) is accountable moderating more than one million people in more than a hundred different industries, all in an effort to make sure the Illinois professionals are protected. Separately, They make sure that professional standards for safety, welfare and licensing standards are upheld. If you are facing an investigation from them, the #1 factor in hiring a lawyer is realizing that this is a niche area of law.  There are probably less than ten attorneys in Illinois who dedicate more than 90% of their practice to this work. If you hire a firm that only dabbles in it you are taking a huge risk.

There are two branches of the IDPR. First, the licensing and testing division makes sure that all of the requirements of licensed professionals are met within their chosen field in order to obtain licensing. The second branch is the enforcement branch. This branch enforces the laws that govern the conduct of many professionals in Illinois. In this case, professionals could be anyone with a license from a locksmith to a physician and everything in between.

If a complaint has been filed against an individual person holding professional license, an IDFPR investigator will be assigned to look into the complaint. That person will look into the situation to make sure no rules or regulations have been broken, and that the professional has all of their licensing up to date including ongoing education and notifying the proper boards of any criminal convictions, arrests or any other conduct that could be considered unprofessional.

The investigator will decide if any infraction is severe enough to be assigned to a prosecutor. That prosecuting attorney will then decide if a board disciplinary hearing or IDFPR Hearing is appropriate for the case. Often times, the result of these hearings can include no disciplinary action at all or the other side of the pendulum, total loss of a professional license.

Because of the severity of the possible disciplinary action, any professional who has an investigation brought against them, should get an attorney who knows what they are doing in their corner before the case gets too far.  These cases can be won and lost at the investigation phase.  We can help you find that attorney. Much like a criminal case, anything you say can and will be used against you.  Smart people have their lawyer do the talking for them.

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