Despite what that image says, most attorneys I know and come across are normal, decent human beings. They, like you and me, have their flaws, but most don’t think that they are better than anyone else just because they are an attorney.

But there are some that think they are royalty or otherwise above their clients.  One Chicago attorney in particular I’ve heard makes his clients call him Mr. instead of by his first name.  And this isn’t an old guy and includes clients and staff that are both younger and older than him.

It’s such pretentious, insecure phony b.s. and it makes me want to scream.  Do I know more about the law than you do?  I sure hope so.  Am I better than you because of that?  Of course not.

So many Illinois attorneys don’t know how to talk to people and have somehow created this belief that they need to act all uppity in order to get respect.

Do you really want a lawyer who talks down to you? Who uses fancy words to try and act like a big shot instead of talking in plain English? Who has no patience and yells at you? Who doesn’t respond to calls or e-mails because he’s just too busy?

Nobody would want an attorney like this, but they are out there.  Some are just unhappy jerks and some just don’t know better.

My advice to you if you come across an attorney like this is to either: A. Immediately ask their first name and call them by it.  If they can’t handle it then they aren’t for you.  B. Just run and find someone else.  Hiring a lawyer in general isn’t a fun experience.  You don’t need to be with an attorney who stresses you out.

The great news in Illinois is that there are literally tens of thousands of attorneys and you usually don’t have to look far to find someone who will act like a normal human being and care about your case.