During custody or child support cases, many parents, especially fathers, feel they understand very little about their parental rights. A lawyer has the duty to passionately represent their client and advocate for them on their behalf, regardless of gender. Yet, many firms continue to market themselves as Father’s Rights lawyers.

Are these firms claiming to specialize as Father’s Rights Lawyers really more of an asset to fathers? We think not. There seems to be no special skill involved as an attorney in representing a father versus a mother, which is why we generally oppose firms that market themselves as such. It seems, to us, that this kind of marketing just prays upon the fears of the father, leading them to continue to believe the family law system is biased against men; therefore, they seek ‘specialized’ legal expertise and guidance.

We all know the situations where fathers have allowed the mother of the child to act as the final call maker for their children, giving the mother the ability to abuse the situation and left asking for more. Threats of the father losing custody of their children, giving very few visitations rights and determining a father’s child support fee are all ways a mother will try to control the situation. However, this is not the law. Fathers often make common mistakes in their child custody cases, further perpetuating the notion that family law is against men.  The bottom line is that in Illinois, custody and visitation are decided based on the best interests of the kids and there certainly is a trend for fathers to get more times with the kids than they have in the past and often sole custody.

The issues are the same throughout any child custody case. Yet, the main concern should always be the children’s rights, not the gender of the parent. A good family lawyer is capable of accomplishing just that: The child’s right to equal, fair and appropriate love, respect and parenting and provided with the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing from both parents.

We can imagine some Father’s Rights law firms can achieve success in their client’s case, but usually the story is the same: The fathers were overcharged and did not get the results as promised. Either your attorney fights for you or they don’t. A good family lawyer is capable of handling a child custody case, no matter whom they’re representing.

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