Have you been injured at work in Illinois and been waiting for a settlement offer?  I have potentially good news for you. There is no better time of year than right now to get an offer.

While there’s no law that requires an insurance company to make an offer when you are hurt in Illinois and if you don’t have a lawyer there is a much higher chance that they’ll never make an offer or will low ball you, insurance companies are looking to settle this time of year.

Most insurance companies work on a calendar year and adjusters and supervisors are paid bonuses based on how many files they close.  So if they can get your case settled, approved and paid by the end of the year, it could result in a bonus to them.

In fact, many insurance adjusters will call up law firms and ask to have “settlement days” where they can meet about a lot of cases and get as many resolved as possible.

It’s a big advantage you have as an injured worker.  The person making the decision on your case isn’t worried about what’s in their company’s best interests as much as they are their own.  So you might get more than your case is worth and certainly more than what you can get in January by being aggressive now.

So if you have a lawyer for your work injury and your case is ready to settle, call them now and tell them to be aggressive.  If you don’t have a lawyer but want to speak to one for free, fill out our contact form or call us at 800-517-1614 and we will talk to you for free.

In general it takes 30-45 days to get a settlement processed, so the sooner you act the better it is for your case. Once Thanksgiving passes it’s not impossible to settle, but some of the motivation the insurance adjuster has disappears as every day passes.  In fact I’ve seen cases where offers were made and the adjuster said they’d only do it if the lawyer would guarantee to get it done before December 15th so they had time to pay out and close the file.

If you want help we are here for you when you are ready.