Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day which is celebrated through out the world, but is like New Years and the 4th of July rolled in to one in Chicago.  There are tons of parades, parties and bar specials this weekend.  When you add in college basketball, the occasional warm weather and Opening Day around the corner, it’s a really big party.

With big parties come criminal activities.  I’m in my 22nd year as a lawyer so I’ve seen a lot of St. Patty’s day arrests.  Here are the top five reasons people will get arrested in Chicago this weekend:

1. Fighting – There will be guys who can’t handle their booze.  Women who can’t handle their booze.  Some lunatics who get too pissed off because they got bumped in a bar or a beer was spilled on them.  Someone who will throw a beer thinking they are funny.  Way too handsy guys.  All of these things can lead to punches being thrown which means a lot of battery arrests this weekend.  If you are at a bar you can bet that the bouncers will call the cops and blame everyone involved.

2. Disorderly conduct – If you are drunk in the street or just annoying the police or if they are just arresting everyone on b.s. charges, this is the fallback option. It’s a very vague charge, but unfortunately it happens all the time and is a misdemeanor which can be punishable by up to a year in jail.

3. Public intoxication – This one is a no brainer.  There is so much drinking going on this weekend and often it’s amateur night.  When you add in the spring breakers from college it gets out of control.

4. Public urination Sadly, this weekend, the streets of Chicago will become a toilet.  It sometimes is combined with disorderly conduct or a charge unto itself.  And if you reveal too much of yourself and there are kids around you might accidentally get really serious charges.

5. Domestic battery – It’s shocking to me that any man would hit a woman, but this weekend especially there will be a lot of drunk boyfriends and husbands.  This leads to some of them getting too physical when their significant other is too flirty with others.  And some women will hit men when they can’t handle their alcohol too.

If you or someone you gets arrested this (or any other) weekend it’s really important go get a lawyer in your corner who does nothing but criminal defense all day every day. If you have questions or want a referral please call us at 312-346-5320.