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Last month there was a tragic plane crash in Ethiopia of a Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane that killed all 157 people on board.  It’s more tragic in that everything we’ve learned about the crash since shows that it likely could have been avoided as this does not appear to be a crash from pilot error, but instead a Boeing error related to the design and safety features of the airplane.

Even though the crash was in Addis Ababa Bole, Ethiopa, near the airport, lawsuits filed since the crash has happened have been done in Chicago where Boeing is headquartered.  It’s not surprising that most of the experienced, successful law firms for airplane crashes are in Chicago as well.

There is one firm that we work with that is going the extra mile or literally the extra 7,619 miles on the case they are filing.  This Sunday they are sending two of their attorneys to Ethiopia to meet with the family of a victim and investigate the crash.  And the aren’t sending a young associate, but instead sending their experienced managing partner.

This is important because some firms that are handling these claims will choose to piggyback their investigation off what local authorities and the FAA find out or what other law firms find out.  It’s not that they can’t get a good result for their clients with this information, but it doesn’t show the aggressiveness and experience needed, in our opinion, to get the best result possible.  You want a law firm in your corner like this Chicago aviation law firm that has won these cases before.

There are very few plane crash lawsuits every year and as a result there are very few firms that can really show that they know how to handle these cases.

But no matter what type of case you have, you want a law firm that is willing to put in this extra work that may be personally inconvenient for them, but is in the best interests of the client and the case.  I’ve seen lawyers that don’t want to drive from Chicago to Rockford.  There’s no way those lawyers would get on an airplane and go to Ethiopia.

So no matter what your case is about, make sure you have an attorney in your corner that cares about you and takes pride in getting the best result possible for their clients.