If a loved one has passed, the last thing you need is an unnecessary headache.  You are grieving and trying to get the pieces of your life back in place.  People should be sensitive to you at that time and not give you any unwanted stress.

Despite all of this, people who are entitled to payouts for life insurance policies are denied payment without reason.  So the question is why does this happen so often?

The answer is a simple and sad one. It’s all business.  If you are expecting a payout on a $100,000.00 policy and need that money to pay for a funeral or mortgage, you might be desperate.  So sometimes an insurance company might offer you a partial payout on a disputed basis to take advantage of your desperation.

More often though, they will just deny the whole thing. They do this because they hope you will go away.    There are very few Illinois lawyers with experience fighting for denied life insurance benefits and if your policy is not that large, it might be hard to find one willing to take on the case at all.

So from the insurance company standpoint, they can deny you without good reason because in their best case scenario you go away or take less money and in the worst case scenario for them, they just pay out what they would have had to any way.

They look for loopholes or accuse your loved one of not telling them everything about their health history. I’ve seen that as the basis for a denial when someone died in a car accident.  It’s absurd and abusive and beyond unfair.

The good news is that we do know attorneys who handle cases when someone dies and the life insurance company won’t pay out the policy.  And these lawyers work on a contingency basis which means you won’t pay them unless they make a recovery for you.

So don’t be frustrated.  Give us a call and our attorneys will talk to you for free and refer you to an experienced law firm that should be able to help you.  Fill out our contact form or call us at 312-346-5320.  We cover all of Illinois and can usually put to an end this terrible insurance company behavior.