Imagine an occupational hazard that affects millions of workers and potentially contributes to one of the main reasons people see a doctor for pain. Did you consider whole-body vibration? If you’re like many you may not have even been aware of whole-body vibration, let alone the injuries caused by it.

So, what is a whole-body vibration injury? First off, whole-body vibration occurs when a person’s entire body is supported by something that shakes. Mechanical vibrations from machines are then transmitted into the entire body at various frequencies, leading to cumulative type injuries. In the U.S., approximately 6 million American workers are exposed to whole-body vibrations for more than two hours a day. Whole-body vibration can cause a variety of health problems, most commonly low back pain, but also has been linked to musculoskeletal problems, digestive problems, prostate problems as well as miscarriages in women.

At first glance, whole-body vibration may not appear to be so serious. And while the number of injuries or illnesses caused to workers as a result of whole-body vibrations may be low in comparison to other occupational hazards, this doesn’t mean it should be ignored. The truth is, it is very likely that the number of injuries or illnesses caused by whole-body vibrations may be under reported.

When it comes to whole-body vibrations, it is important to realize that not all vibrations cause injuries, and not all injuries that do surface, such as lower back pain, are caused by vibrations. Whole-body vibration is exposed to nearly everyone, at some point in their life. It occurs in airplanes, boats and cars. Exposure from these rarely causes problems. It is people who at are at risk are those in occupations such as agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, automotive and driving or operate heavy equipment.  But the biggest risk is probably for truck drivers.

Any workplace accident should be fully compensated by the business. However, as harm from vibration may be subtle and difficult to detect, there may be controversy between the injured employee and their employer as to exactly how much of the harm came from workplace exposure. An attorney may be able to help an injured employee prove that their damage came, in part from their occupation which is what you need to do in order to win your case.

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