I usually post blogs based on good questions I get from callers.  Some questions aren’t long enough for a post, but are still worth discussing.  Here are some of the best ones I haven’t written about.

I got divorced and my attorney called me a couple weeks after the case was done to say I owe him a court filing fee.  He said if I don’t pay it he can cancel my divorce.  Is that true?

It’s not true and what a scummy lawyer.  They could sue you, but they would be committing malpractice if they undid the work you’ve already paid for and that was in your best interests.

How do I find a free criminal defense attorney?

The free option for people who can’t afford a criminal lawyer are the public defenders who get appointed by the Judge.  You don’t “hire” them, they are appointed.  Because of this, we don’t know any private attorneys who do free work for criminal defendants.

Can you handle my divorce on a contingency basis?

That is against the law in Illinois.

Am I able to sue a nursing home for not putting up rail guards?  My mom fell of the bed and broke her hip.

This is certainly a case that needs to be investigated.  It sounds like a case, but we’d be able to tell based on a review of the medical records.

How many employees have to be in a company in order to file for workers’ compensation?

Just one.

Is a younger attorney going to be more hungry to help me on my case?

They might be more interested in doing a good job that an attorney who’s burned out by their job, but a lawyer with just a year or two of experience being in charge of your case also runs a ton of risks, especially if they don’t have a lot of supervision.  Their lack of experience could harm you.

I live in Wisconsin, but was injured in a car accident in Illinois, where should I get a lawyer.

Illinois because if a lawsuit has to be filed it would likely be here since the accident happened here.

Can my employer make me use a sick day when I am workers’ compensation?

Not when your doctor has you authorized off of work.

Is it a conflict of interest for a criminal defense attorney to have been a prosecutor?

Not usually.  In fact it’s often a sign of an experienced lawyer who knows how to defend a case.

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