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If you’ve been followed the news lately, you’ve seen that there have been scores of deaths at Illinois nursing homes due to Coronavirus. There was a large outbreak at a Symphony Care nursing home in Joliet that reportedly lead to 26 deaths.  Allegedly all of the infections traced back to one worker.  In Chicago at the Lakeview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Lincoln Park, at least 12 people have died of COVID 19.

There are more than 100 Illinois nursing homes and long term care facilities in Illinois with at least one COVID-19 diagnosis. While the majority of these are in Cook County, cases are happening throughout the state.

The question we’ve had of late from potential clients is, “Do I have a lawsuit for my loved one dying of Coronavirus in a nursing home?”

The answer is that it depends, but it’s definitely worth investigating.  As part of the investigation attorneys do, we want to see if the nursing home, rehab center or long term care facility failed to take action to prevent their clients from getting infected.  Were they taking proper precaution such as mandatory use of masks and gloves?  Were sick residents quarantined and kept away from healthy ones?  Were employees and outside workers screened for possible exposure and illness?  Did those people take precautions?  Was everyone constantly checked?

All of those things matter.  A big problem we are also seeing is that some patients were misdiagnosed as having pneumonia or another condition and were not given a prompt transfer to a hospital for care and treatment.

We are also seeing a big uptick in patients getting dehydrated, malnourished or having bed sores because loved ones aren’t allowed to visit.  When a family member isn’t there these facilities need to step up. If an injury occurs they can be liable.

It’s important to understand that the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act provides residents with lots of rights and protections.  We hope that you aren’t dealing with a loss of a loved one, but if you are we’d be happy to talk to you to see if we can help you obtain some justice and prevent this from happening to another family.