If you have attended a protest or march in Chicago in the last week, odds are that you have been peaceful.  Despite that, we are seeing scores of people getting arrested and/or being victims of police brutality.

Police do not have a right to physically harm peaceful protesters.  They do not have a right to arrest someone for no reason or make up a charge against you. They do not have the right to use excessive force.

I’m not talking about the looters.  Whoever is doing that should get arrested. I’m talking about people who are marching for black lives, fighting to end racist policies and policing, working for justice, etc.  If that’s you and you have been wronged by the authorities, we can likely help.  And even if you were looting or suspected of it, the police don’t have the right to abuse you and should not use excessive force against you.

While we can’t guarantee you a result, we do promise you can speak with a lawyer for free who will listen to what happened to you. We are lawyers who help people find the right attorney for their case and can connect you with a civil rights attorney who will fight for you.

I’m talking about things happening like in this video in the link posted below.  Police don’t have the right to violate the constitution or your civil rights.

It’s beyond baffling to me that the police are responding to protests about abuse with even more abuse.  This is going to cost the City millions of dollars, but hopefully all of the lawsuits that are going to come will lead to some positive changes.

I encourage everyone to continue to be peaceful, protect themselves and record what is happening whenever they can.

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Police brutality compilation