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Every few months I do a blog post about some of the interesting questions we’ve received. Here are some from the last few months.

I was let go without a warning for misconduct.  Isn’t it true there’s a three strikes law that requires my job to give me three chances?

This is not true.  Illinois, unless you have a contract, is an at will employment state. That means they can let you go whenever, except for illegal reasons.  This is true even if you are treated unfairly or they made a mistake about the reason they fired you.

The police called me and said I was being investigated for a crime and want me to deposit money in to a bank account as part of restitution. I didn’t do anything, but I’m scared and they say I will go to jail if I don’t pay. What should I do?

Nothing.  This is a scam.  This is no how police work. They might even spoof the number of a courthouse.  If there’s no case number that can be looked up on an official website, there’s no case.

Can my employer fire me for testing positive for marijuana?

Yes.  Even though it’s legal to do it, they could still let you go.  An exception might be if there are medical reasons for taking it.

My work comp attorney never calls me back.  Can I switch or is it a waste of time?

It’s not a waste of time when your lawyer isn’t communicating with you.  It costs nothing to switch firms so you should at least have a consultation with a different attorney and make a decision from there.

I’m trying to get a gun license in Texas where I live now, but have a drug case from 20 years ago in Chicago that resulted in 410 probation. Will that prevent me from getting the license?

I have no idea because it’s a question for a TX attorney. That said, 410 probation isn’t a conviction so it’s a good sign.

I just had a child and signed the birth certificate. Now my best friend told me he thinks he’s the father. Am I stuck with paying child support?

This is one reason we tell people never to sign the birth certificate.  That said, if you contest it within 75 days of signing, you can have it reversed.  You need to act fast.

My mom always told me I’d be taken care of in her will.  She passed away and the only copy of the will we can find is from 20 years ago and I’m not in it. Am I out of luck?

Verbal promises aren’t enforceable in this situation. Your likely only shot is to find a more recent will that mentions you or somehow prove that the original will was fraudulent. Both are likely long shots.


That’s it for this month.  If you have any questions, even if you don’t want to hire a lawyer, contact us for free any time.