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All medical professionals in Illinois are licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulations, IDFPR.  That organization also handles any disciplinary procedures.

I think most people love nurses more than any other medical provider.  Not that there aren’t some great doctors, but nurses are known for their kindness, empathy and doing most of the work, while many doctors are seen as arrogant or aloof. Unfortunately, most of the disciplinary complaints by IDFPR also fall on nurses.

If you are hit with a complaint, it makes sense you’d be nervous and have a lot of questions such as:

  • Do these claims have any merit?
  • What are my rights?
  • What can I say?
  • Is my career over?
  • Who can I trust for legal answers on my next steps?

Nurses get accused of all sorts of things such as stealing drugs, failing a drug test, bad patient care, failure to report a criminal conviction and unprofessional conduct.

If you get a notice from IDFPR, early representation is key to mounting a good defense and getting a good result in the end. You don’t want to talk to them directly as anything you say can and will be used against you.

Unlike traffic, personal injury, divorce, etc., there aren’t hundreds of lawyers in Illinois who have great experience with these cases. That’s because there aren’t tens of thousands of cases a year so it’s hard to make nurse license defense your main practice area if you are a lawyer.  In fact, I’d estimate that there are only 3-5 law firms in the entire state who only take on these types of cases.

The good news is that we know who the best lawyers are for these cases and who really fights for their clients and has a track record of success.  This doesn’t guarantee anything, but gives you the best chance of getting a good result. Going with an attorney who doesn’t focus on these cases every day is a huge risk to your career.

All of the attorneys we know who do these cases and do them well are in Chicago because that is where the hearings take place. So even if you are a RN in southern Illinois or a CNA in Peoria, to protect yourself, you’d want to work with one of these firms.  The good news is that you won’t have to travel to work with them.

If you would like a recommendation of a lawyer who can protect you or just have questions, please contact us for free any time to talk to an attorney.  All inquiries are confidential.  We have relatives who are medical professionals and we promise to give you the same advice and guidance that we would give them.