I’ve heard my fair share of lawyer jokes over the years. The premise of most of those jokes is that the lawyer is dishonest or unethical. In reality, lawyers are like people of any other profession—teachers, accountants, doctors. The vast majority are good people who take pride in their work and try to do the right thing. But I will admit that there are a few bad eggs out there. How can you tell if an attorney is one to avoid hiring? Look out for this:

  • They promise that you will win. There is no way for an attorney to know with 100% certainty that your case will be a winner. There is unpredictability in law. There isn’t a single attorney out there (who has a few years of experience) with a “perfect” record.
  • They say they specialize in what your case is about. That may be true, but do a little digging. Do they list 5 or 7 or 10 areas of law on their website that they “specialize” in? If a lawyer tells you they specialize in personal injury cases, have a friend call them up about a DUI case and see if they say they specialize in that too.
  • They claim to be the “best” lawyer in their field. It’s a little suspect when a lawyer brags and makes a claim like this. The attorney that may be best for one person and their unique case, may not be the best for another person.
  • They tell you with confidence what your case is worth from the very beginning. This tactic is to get their potential clients to see dollar signs and quickly sign up with the attorney. The attorney just can’t know the value of a case until they see your medical records and fully understand the details of the incident. What will the defense argue? On an initial call or at the first meeting, It is just too early for the lawyer to pinpoint what your case will be worth.
  • They brand themselves as a “father’s rights” or “mother’s rights” lawyer in a custody case. Fathers and mothers have exactly the same rights in a custody case, with very few exceptions. One parent doesn’t start off with more rights than the other. So those terms are basically a marketing strategy. The law firm wants you to believe that they have some special advantage when fighting for fathers or mothers, when in actuality, they start on a level playing field for their clients, like all other lawyers.

There are many, many more reputable, great attorneys out there than bad apples. For over 20 years, we have helped thousands of people find the right attorney for their situation and avoid the tactics listed above. Feel free to call us at 800-517-1614 to speak with an Illinois lawyer for free.