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We get calls from people all the time who ask us how much their personal injury case is worth. If only we could plug in a few pieces of data and forecast the potential compensation. You may have seen a “pain and suffering calculator” or a “30-second auto accident money calculator” online, but we don’t put stock in those. It’s just not that simple and those quotes aren’t accurate. 

So how is personal injury compensation calculated? What factors go into determining a personal injury award? Well, there are many variables. 

Every case is different, and there is no spreadsheet or chart that one can refer to or consult. We need to look at all of the factors in your case.

First of all, the extent of your injuries is very important. The more major or severe the injury, the more money you can anticipate recovering. What is the time horizon for future medical care? If it appears you will need long-term medical care, that will likely increase the amount of the compensation. That seems straightforward. 

Similar to the issue of severity and future medical care, your ability to live normally on a daily basis is another factor. To what extent are you able to take care of yourself? Do you need assistance with daily life tasks? 

How strong is your case in proving liability? Do you have an “open and shut case,” or is there some weakness in proving the defendant is at fault? Any defenses can impact settlement negotiations.

Your age and life expectancy are factors. The younger you are, the more years you have left in your career and the more enjoyment you would have been expected to get out of life. Your future earnings will be impacted to a great degree than those of a person 15 years older than you (assuming the same exact injury). 

Your lost wages and current compensation level are a factor. How much time were you off work? How much longer will it be before you get back to work? Will you be able to go back to work in your same role? Will you be able to earn the same level of compensation going forward? 

How egregious was the liability/mistake in your personal injury case? Was there a shocking nature to the case? If your case involves sexual assault for example, or someone driving under the influence, that may impact the compensation. 

What degree of pain and suffering did you experience? How far into the future will you likely experience pain and suffering? 

Yes, there are a lot of questions and variables. And here’s a final one:  the attorney you hire will also impact the amount of your compensation. The simple truth when it comes to major injuries is that some cases are worth more money in the hands of certain law firms than they are in others. In other words, if law firm A can get you $10 million on a case, that sounds great. But if you discover that law firm B would have gotten you $20 million then you’ll feel ripped off. We know experienced and reputable attorneys who do an excellent job for their clients. Give us a call to tell us about your situation so we can refer you to the best lawyer for your specific needs. All calls are free and confidential.