One of the challenges of being an attorney who gives advice for free is that many people have a perception of the law and how lawsuits work that don’t jive with reality. It can make it difficult to get people to accept the reality of their case and what can and can’t be done for them.

This comes up a lot when it comes to suing big companies. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say something like, “I’ve called a bunch of lawyers and all of them are afraid to sue Amazon.” You could change the name of the company to Walmart or American Airlines or Yellow Freight or any other big company and the perception of some people will always be that they are too big and powerful to sue.

The reality is that no lawyer I know is afraid of suing a big company and in fact, in most cases, it makes taking on a case more appealing. That’s because when you sue Amazon or some other multi-billion dollar organization, you don’t have to worry about them having the money to pay off a judgment if you win. Compare that to suing a mom-and-pop bookstore that could go out of business with a lawsuit.

Attorneys love money, so if they think they can get money by suing, they will. Those companies may be big. They may have lots of lawyers. But what they can’t do is change case facts. If the facts of your case are strong, no attorney will worry about the size or “strength” of a company.

Typically when I hear someone say this it will be a situation when someone is fired from a company unfairly, but not illegally. Attorneys can’t help them because there is no law being broken. For example, if your boss fires you because you got mad that they changed your schedule after you told them you can’t work nights, that would not likely be a good lawsuit. But people convince themselves that they have a great case, even when multiple attorneys have told them they do not. Often friends or family members are telling them to get a lawyer when they aren’t aware of what the law actually is.

We don’t work for corporations. We help individuals and have been doing that since 2001. We’ve helped people sue just about any company you can think of when they have a good case. So what I can promise you is that if you want a free consultation with a lawyer who will give you an honest opinion, we are happy to help. And there will never be a company we are “afraid” of because there is nothing to be afraid of. Call us any time at 312-346-5320 if you want to discuss your case.