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We get a lot of great questions from readers and callers. Here are some of the best ones that we’ve received over the last few months that we thought you might enjoy.

Can my doctor stop seeing me?

Generally yes. They can’t ignore an emergency situation, but just as you can stop seeing them, they can choose not to see you. They should give you notification in writing and a reasonable amount of time to find a new doctor.

I have my will mad and would like to register it to make things easier for my executor. Where should I go to register it?

While there have been talks about creating a State registry and it is a great idea, as of now it does not exist. The best thing you can do is to let your loved ones know that a will was created, who made it for you and where a copy can be found.

Can the police lie to you?

Yes they can and it happens all of the time. They aren’t generally looking out for you and it’s not their job to look out for you. This is why lawyers advise people not to talk to the police and certainly not to trust them in most situations.

My wedding got cancelled after my fiance and I ended things. The event planner and venue won’t give me a refund. Can I sue them?

The real question is can you sue and win? The answer comes down to what the contract you signed with them says. Typically it’s written in their favor so while you still have to look at the contract, I’m not optimistic.

With Covid and everything being closed, is that a way to get around not filing a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expired?

It’s not. The courts were open and lawyers were working even if most things were being done remotely. So generally speaking, Covid is not an excuse for waiting too long to sue.

My son was shot and killed outside of his apartment in the streets of Chicago. I’m sick of the violence here. Can we sue the City of Chicago over his death?

We are all sick of the violence and this is a sad situation. That said, there is no basis for suing the City over the acts of some criminals. They can’t police every block at every moment. There may be a lawsuit against the scum bag who did the shooting or potentially whoever supplied the gun. In some cases we can sue property owners if they let this behavior happen. But I’ve never seen a successful lawsuit against the City due to the amount of crime.

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