We get so many great questions from people who don’t necessarily need a lawyer of just want to find out if they have a case. Here are some good ones we’ve received recently. If you have any Illinois legal questions, you can call us any time for free at 312-346-5320.

What is an alias summons?

Any time there is a lawsuit, a defendant has to be served with a copy before the case can proceed. When the sheriff tries to serve the summons unsuccessfully, the Judge will issue a second summons which is called an alias summons.

Difference between a lawyer and an attorney?

In real life, there is no difference as we use those terms interchangeably. Technically speaking though, a lawyer is someone who’s graduated law school while an attorney is someone who graduated law school and passed the bar exam so they are licensed to practice law and represent clients.

My boss gave me a check and it bounced. What should I do?

It’s technically a crime so you can call the police although it’s a law that doesn’t always get enforced. You should also file a wage claim with the Illinois Department of Labor and consider filing for unemployment.

My employer found out I was interviewing on my day off and fired me. Is this legal?

It is. It’s totally unfair, but within their rights as an employer. This is part of at will employment which means you can be let go at any time for any reason as long as it’s not an illegal reason. Treating you unfairly is not by itself illegal.

I got hurt at work because I was put on a job I wasn’t trained for. Can I sue them for that?

You can’t sue your employer for negligence. The good news is that if this happened to you, you can get workers’ compensation benefits which in Illinois can be significant.

My mom never pursued child support against my dad. He never did anything for us. I’m 28 now, can I bring a case against him?

A child support case can not be brought by the child, it has to be brought by the parent. There’s nothing that can be done unfortunately.

Hopefully you notice that we are direct and honest with our legal answers, even if it’s not what someone wants to hear. If you’d like our help please get in touch any time.