If you get into a car accident in Chicago or a nearby area that is not your fault and you have an injury, there is some advice to know. Call the police so there’s an official report of what happened. Go to the doctor ASAP so your injuries can be documented. Oh, and get ready

Baseball is back! Hope spring eternal and Cubs fans can dream of winning our first World Series since 2016. And White Sox fans can dream of not losing 100 games.

When I was in law school, a professor pointed out to us how everything around us could potentially be a legal issue. It’s really changed

With the caveat that there are exceptions to this, generally speaking in life, if you want to have an enforceable agreement with someone, you get it in writing and you both sign off on it. So if someone says they’ll sell you their car for $5,000 and you say sure, it’s not really an agreement.

When you hire an attorney in Illinois, you will pay them in one of three ways:

  • Contingency – Paid if they win on injury cases, suing for owed life insurance money, class actions, some employment wage cases
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