While people call me to help them find a lawyer, I actually offer two services with my website. It’s lawyer referrals AND legal guidance. By that I mean that I will give you my opinion of what should happen on your case and often that means telling you that you don’t need a lawyer.


When people call me for Illinois legal advice, I tell them the number one thing to do is be honest. It helps their case and helps their credibility. And of course it’s just the right thing to do. So I’m always surprised when there are attorneys who don’t follow the same rule. Or I guess

When I was younger, I assumed that if you hired a lawyer, you were also hiring everyone that they worked with. Why else would a group of people share an office together and represent themselves as one big firm if it wasn’t the case?

What I’ve learned is that a lot of times, law

I’ve started to become a student of positive psychology.  I talk to scores of people every day as I’m one of the few attorneys who will talk to anyone about any Illinois legal matter.  When you do that it can test your patience because many callers don’t want to hear the truth (e.g. me telling

We represent and help a lot of people who have been injured in car accidents via our state wide network of Illinois attorneys.  One of the crazy truths about these lawsuits is that you can have the worst injury imaginable or even death, but if you weren’t hit by someone with a lot of insurance

Like you, the plethora of daily fantasy sports commercials are making me long for the good old days when I had to change the channel so my young son wouldn’t be subjected to seventeen commercials in a row that lead to him asking me if I’ve ever had a four hour erection.

Draft Kings and

We talk mostly on our site about Illinois laws and the types of attorneys who recommend.  There are approximately 70,000 active attorneys in Illinois and the ones we recommend are who we think are the best around for your unique situations.  There are plenty of good ones that we don’t recommend as well as we

Illinois has very specific rules for how wills must be prepared. In Illinois, a will must be: (1) in writing; (2) signed by the person making out their will to distribute their estate after their death, called the “testator”; and (3) signed by two witnesses while in the presence (generally the same room) of the

I’m always amazed or maybe not at how greedy some people can act.  You see it all of the time with lawyers in Illinois who take on cases that they don’t really have a lot of experience with, but want to make what they think will be a quick buck.  They forget what’s best