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We are happy to investigate possible legal malpractice lawsuits. It would be hypocritical not to as we are willing to sue doctors and other professionals when they screw up.

What I’ve found interesting over the years about the valid cases we’ve pursued (and by valid, I mean a lawsuit was filed) is that the attorneys

H-1B visas allow U.S. employers to hire specialty workers (non-U.S. citizens) to come to the United States to live and work. The visas often last three years but can be extended to six years. The H-1B visa program was touted as a way to bring the world’s best technology minds to the United States. What


When people call us for a referral and say they want the “best” attorney in Chicago (or any other area of the state), we tell them that we agree with their high standards but we have an even better approach.

In our experience, there isn’t a “best” attorney out there. There are thousands of attorneys

to sue 10.08.14In any legal case, it’s important to know the statute of limitations.  In plain English, that means the time limit that you have to bring a lawsuit.

The answer varies based on the type of case that you have. For example, in most injury cases it’s two years.  In most contract cases it’s ten years. 

We don’t blame people for being upset when their case doesn’t turn out as they’d hoped. The legal system is adversarial. When you have one side against another, someone is going to lose. But how do you know if it’s your lawyer’s fault?

There are so many factors that lead to the outcome in a


The Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, allows you to take time off of work for serious illness or the birth or adoption of a child. The serious illness can be your own, or something affecting a close family member. So you can take the leave for yourself, or to care for a spouse, minor


A whistle blower is someone who alerts the government to fraud. The term often gets used in a broad sense to describe someone exposing the unethical or illegal behavior of a corporation. Actual whistle blowing, however, is exposing fraud against the government.

If your employer is cheating customers, encouraging sexual harassment in the workplace, or

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The Illinois Dead Man’s Act is a law about evidence. It essentially protects someone who isn’t able to testify, either because they are dead or because they are incapacitated and mentally incompetent to testify. The other side is not allowed to testify about conversations they had with the deceased. The idea is that they would


Nobody really wants to hire a lawyer.  If you have to it usually means that something bad has happened or you are planning for something bad such as drawing up a will.  We are necessary evils that help people, but I don’t blame you for never having wanted to work with an attorney.