Last month, 22 lawyers were voted for positions as Associate Judge in Cook County.  It’s not the public that votes for them, but instead the 249 sitting Judges in Cook County.  These associate Judges have mostly the same responsibilities as regular Judges, but typically don’t hear felony cases and earn slightly less.  Here is the

While most of the Illinois attorneys I come across are honest and do their best for their clients, the reality is that when you have over 90,000 lawyers, some will be unethical.  It bothers me because it taints the whole profession and makes the public not trust attorneys. While the reality is that it’s a

We get a lot of calls from people looking to sue their lawyer. We are happy to bring on a legal malpractice case if it’s a good one. In most of the calls though we hear about bad customer service, lack of effort or bad results on a case. Those things are unfortunate, but don’t

I’ve heard my fair share of lawyer jokes over the years. The premise of most of those jokes is that the lawyer is dishonest or unethical. In reality, lawyers are like people of any other profession—teachers, accountants, doctors. The vast majority are good people who take pride in their work and try to do the

They say that the best things in life are free. I don’t know if talking to an attorney should be classified as one of the best things in life, but it exists.

We are Chicago lawyers, who since 2001, have been talking to people for FREE about their Illinois legal matters.  There is no catch

It’s been 26 years since I first walked into Chicago-Kent on Adams.  I was an immature 22 year old who only applied to law school because a friend from college enlightened me that having a law degree can create a lot of options for you. Plus, it allowed me to delay entering the working world

Another week, another apparently terrible police involved shooting. This time it was close to home, just over the border in Kenosha where Jacob Blake was shot in front of his kids despite being unarmed.  It seems to be another case of unjustified, excessive force.

I don’t claim to be an expert on police issues, although

It feels a bit morbid to write this, but with Covid-19 and all of the workers who feel unsure about returning to work, especially teachers, we wanted to do something to help out.

The reality is that everyone should have some sort of living will that directs what you want to have happen in case

If this post were a tweet it would say: Are lawyer awards worth anything?  No.

But I’m going to give a longer explanation as to why.

The marketplace for legal services is overcrowded, with no shortage of attorneys. It’s no wonder why lawyers feel the need to distinguish themselves from their peers. Lawyers can easily