What is your life expectancy? What is your health history and health outlook? Do you have a spouse or family member who can care for you if needed?

No one can predict how long they will live or exactly what condition their body and mind will be in as they age. And the cost of

A lot of people will contact us looking for an Illinois attorney. When we ask them about the case they will tell us that they want punitive damages. It’s a really misunderstood term. Punitive damages aren’t something you actually see in most Illinois lawsuits, but they do happen. I thought it would be helpful to

Business owners have the duty and privilege to mitigate their losses. This means that you could and should attempt minimize the potential losses you may incur. Mitigating your losses includes protecting your property from further loss or at the least being proactive at protecting against a current loss.

This can include taking or having taken

We are passionate about advocating for the rights of everyone. Why anyone would care who you want to sleep with or what gender you identify with is beyond me. And fortunately the laws of Illinois agree and offer protections for people who are discriminated against based on things such as their sexual orientation.

Most discrimination

This was almost a one word blog post. The answer is no. But I’ve heard stories of this happening so often in the last year that I thought it was worth expanding on.

When you hire a lawyer (or doctor, psychologist, probably real estate agent, many other professions) to represent you in a case, there

I have a son who plays high level soccer. He will often travel 3-5 hours to play a game. It’s fun to see him against other teams, but there are also times when I think it’s dumb as there is so much great competition within an hour of where his club is based. Other times

One big misconception I hear from the public a lot is that attorneys will cover for each other when one of them does something wrong. I’m not saying that there aren’t some scummy, unethical attorneys in Illinois. There are. But the great majority are honest, ethical and want to do the right thing.

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