I get calls all of the time from people who know in their heart that they are right. Maybe they know their boss discriminated against them. Perhaps it’s that their loved one was killed by medical malpractice. For others they need no convincing that a neighbor caused damage to their property. I almost never doubt

One of the challenges of being an attorney who gives advice for free is that many people have a perception of the law and how lawsuits work that don’t jive with reality. It can make it difficult to get people to accept the reality of their case and what can and can’t be done for

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One of the greatest cons that exists in this world is how corporations get away with theft. If you go in to a store and steal

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To bring a class action lawsuit in Illinois, you have to show that numerous people suffered some sort of harm in

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We get a lot of great questions about whistleblower laws in Illinois. Here is a a summary of

Over 30 companies in the Fortune 100 sponsor cash balance retirement plans for their employees. It is similar to a 401(k) in that each employee has an account, but it differs in that the employer decides not only the contribution to the account (for example, 4% of wages) but also specifies the annual return on

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A common scenario that happens to a lot of people is

Under Illinois law, if you die and have a will (or die without a will or trust), the process of legally transferring your assets is called probate. Now there are a lot of exceptions such as what happens when you have hardly any assets at all or nobody wants to make a claim to inherit

When most people think of having to testify under oath, they think of a courtroom with a Judge, a jury, and drama. That’s from TV and movies, but certainly if you testify at trial those things will be there.

The reality though is most people will never testify in a courtroom as most cases don’t

When it comes to hiring a lawyer in Cook County, where most Illinois lawsuits get filed, it shocks me how long some attorneys wait to file a lawsuit. For most personal injury cases, there is a two year time limit from the accident date to file a lawsuit or the case will be forever barred.