The last couple of weeks have been draining for everyone.  I’ve tried to focus on all of the good that will come out of this like an improved climate.  That said, there is a lot of bad that is coming from Coronavirus.  I’m not just talking about the deaths, but also the terrible movies that

I’m a Chicago lawyer and haven’t gone through every county in Illinois, but I am 99.9% sure that the entire state is handling the COVID 19 crisis the same way.  There is so much you need to know if you have a legal issue.  I will list them in no particular order.  If you have

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or at least the most wonderful if you don’t fall and get hurt.

Already it’s been a brutal and crazy winter in Chicago.  With lots of snow, ice and slush you can count on one thing happening: lots of slip and fall injuries.

This time of year

I had a pretty sad call the other day. It was from a woman who was looking for help with a divorce. She’s been married for 40 years and loves her husband dearly. He loves her too.

She doesn’t want a divorce and neither does he. Unfortunately she works and he is very ill. They

If you Google what sentence someone gets for armed robbery, you’ll see a ton of cases where the defendant gets sentenced to 21 years in jail. That’s right, 21 long, hard years in jail.

Why is that?

Under the Illinois sentencing guidelines for robbery, a defendant will get a minimum of six years in jail

Alternate energy companies have provided consumers an additional resource to be able to purchase gas and electric services to allow for choices opposed to only having the use of their local utility company to provide services. Such companies as North American Power & Gas, have used direct to consumer marketing to describe how their rates

When someone passes away, a series of issues start to compile. Besides the high emotions running there are also legal issues to worry about. Did the loved one do their estate planning documents while they were still alive? Is there a Will and Beneficiary Deed in order? If not, you may have a nightmare on

An engineered trait known as MIR 162 has caused chaos and billions of dollars to the corn farming industry, including those corn farms in Illinois. Syngenta Corporation did not obtain import approval from China for the MIR 162 strain of corn seed prior to releasing, marketing and selling it to Illinois farmers. This strain has